The only dashboard you will ever need, because nothing human is strange to Miki. Play with it and live with it and never forget again. Dashboard supports low IQ and also not so permanent markets, but also stickies. It's cool with both outdoor and indoor use.

Solid metal dashboard (not too heavy, not too not heavy) coated in "fridge white" and printed with UV protected black (-20°C — +40°C). Magnets are cut from the finest regular magnet foil and they will resist for the next 100 years at least, probably more than Venice.

For now, Romanian and English sets are available, but later this week Miki will add some more languages. If you want your company logo magnet, buy 10 calendars or more and we’ll do the magnet for free and you'll get 10% discount. 😉

Dimensions: 45x45 cm
Thinkness: 1 mm
Weight: 1,6 Kg